Bath Unlimited is the title given to several companies functioning under the MASCO Corporation. The MASCO Corporation is a group of companies that are dedicated to provide home and accommodation services. Among some of them is Franklin Brass which has been in the bath industry since half a century and it has good name to it too. Another is Liberty Hardware Manufacturing Corporation founded in 1942 and provides decorative, hardware solutions, home, bathroom safety and decorative products for households. Melard is another one and it comprises mostly of bathroom accessories and a do-it-yourself industry.

Bath Unlimited provides over 20 specific bath accessories various styles. Finish, cast, material, color, design, and much more is kept in mind. It creates different personalities and colors up a bathroom design with quality and style. Bath Unlimited outlets are all over the country. Line of production apart from basic bathroom products include safety bars, offices baths, plastic bathroom caddies, beautiful shower soap racks, and a variety of plastic towel hooks. More accessories include various purpose bars, hooks, toilet paper holders, numerous types of tumblers and holders. Even natural, artificial, oriental, traditional, vintage and other styles are ether for you to choose from. Products are sold through brick and mortar stores, wholesalers and online mediums.

With a huge entity come sits issue sand teat is where which is live help and customer product support portal provides quick solutions, expert advice, help guides and ask online options for its users and Bath Unlimited users. Join today to share your views and get the best information on products instantly!
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