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Bissell Home care is a company which manufactures and supplies home cleaning and maintenance appliances. It is a privately owned company and has been in the business of home care ever since 1883. The headquarters are based in Walker, Michigan. Over 130 years it perfected the art of household cleaning and today with the aid of high technology products it provides absolute care and services for a consumers on household cleaning and care.

Bissell keeps its production well on the quality and safety record but running first of all numerous test runs with various items and varying circumstances. Not only does it provide electronic appliances but also some chemical household detergents and agents for home cleaning. Its line of products includes Bissell steam mops, cleaners, Bissell Vacuum cleaners, Bissell carpet shampoos, Bissell carpet cleaners and shampooers. Bissell keeps its products and one of its major focuses for the years to come is to keep is to green for the years to come.

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