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Established by Robert Bosch in 1886 at Stuttgart, Germany, BOSCH is the world's biggest provider of car parts, and is in contact with about all the car firms in the world. It is a huge group of companies comprising of over 320 subsidiary firms. It is also a leader in the automotive market as well as the technology market, consumer products, and construction technology.

In addition to supplying car part provision supply business, which already counts for more than half of its multi-billion dollar revenue, it also manufactures industrial machinery and electronic and/or mechanical tools. It also produces vehicle audio machinery and tools include BOSCH cordless drill, routers, table saws, impact driver, dishwashers, batteries and BOSCH battery chargers. Its range of pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic machinery is available for household purposes to industrial mining. Even Europe’s telecommunication sector is being influenced now that Telex Communications firm has been purchased. Bosch has even ventured into packaging where it designs, produces and creates logistic packaging for producers of medical and food products among others. Bosch is one of the largest suppliers of packaging technology.

BOSCH is a pretty well established firm that has international standards and comes into a huge niche market. Hence the online media is medium for it to reach across customers, market products, and cut down on expenditures. There is with support on all of BOSCH’s products. Here you can ask questions about products, get help on manuals, usage tools and a lot of car problems. Moreover you can also be an online guide for those who search for information related to BOSCH. Join today and find it all.
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