COMSATS Pakistan is the oldest ISP Company establishing its networks in the country, and has developed with its unique skills and experience of the local domestic market. COMSATS Pakistan provides variety of Internet access services ranging from dial up, leased lines and Broadband connectivity through DSL and Radio-Links to value added services to corporate and residential users. Other services provided by this ISP Company includes: Email Hosting, Web Hosting, dedicated Dial up Port (DDP), LAN & WAN connectivity, smooth SDS and trouble free FTP hosting, unique Wi-Fi modems and point to Point Radio Link. COMSATS Internet Services had started its operation in 1996 and is the first internet service provider in launching Internet Backbone on multi-city basis in the country. It is now successfully executing its operation in 12 major cities across Pakistan. COMSATS Pakistan also offers high speed internet within the distance of 5 km to 30 km and its Ethernet, FDI or Token Ring gives you the better results when it comes to connectivity and reliable data transformation.

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