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Eclipse is company focused onto bringing along the latest technology for car owners and automobile companies through its navigation line of production. Eclipse is a sub-division of Fujitsu Ten. It deals in Eclipse car navigation audio, car radios, stereos navigation systems, electronic car parts and a whole assembly line of car related electronics. The modern day car is already stocked with electronics and GPS navigation becomes increasingly essential. Not only does it allow for increased reliability for drivers but also helps prevent car theft.

Eclipse has a supply chain of equipment, logistics and technology production from Australia, to China, Asia, America and also Europe. It is one of the major navigation systems for automobile companies and owners. Fujitsu is already well off and prosperous in the technological market. Hence Eclipse enjoys a large market share of its sector. Eclipse focuses on increasing more on prowess, abilities and sturdiness for various environments for its products. Not only are they rather efficient but have a wide array of features for consumers to choose from. Car stereo systems of various kinds and off varying levels of style and ruggedness, car navigation in various forms including car radio navigation, car audio navigation, DVD car navigation, GPS navigation, and others are an example of Eclipse’s innovative systems.

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