Habib Bank Limited Pakistan is commonly referred to as "HBL" and is one of the largest private sector banks with over 1,450 branch networks across the country and customer base exceeding five million relationships. It is headquartered in Karachi and has a presence in 25 countries, subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK, affiliates in Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan and representative offices in Iran and China.

Habib Bank Limited Pakistan gave Karachi its first commercial bank of the newly formed Pakistan in 1947 and in 2004, Government of Pakistan privatized HBL. Today it succeeds to gain possible deals as it would get some of the best customers who have very good credit history and include services and product offerings in Retail and Consumer Banking nationwide. You can ask a banking expert about all your queries relating to Habib Bank Limited Pakistan and get free immediate help on credit cards, cheques, money deposit, account balance, safety deposit box, online banking, open account, ATM machines, cheque books, branches, international banking networks, money withdrawal and loans related problems from expert guides.

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