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Intel is an American based international computer, hardware technology and electronics manufacturer. Founded in 1968 and based in Santa Clara, California, Intel rose out of a competition back then which was hot for global market computer dominance. Intel combines leading technology with high capability performance and design to bring about a special effect to it products.

Intel Corporation deals mostly in motherboards, chipsets, microprocessors, integrated computer circuitry, flash memory, graphic cards, and other communication and computing technology. It has taken a lead role in the world’s manufacture of internal computing systems, with nearly all computer companies in the world using Intel produced chips in their products. Intel made a global success with core 2 processors for computers and has now Intel processors have gone quad core with Centrino, Xeon models and “i” series. Intel takes most of the credit for the revolutionary Pentium 4 computers that have revolutionized the decade of computing.

Revenue for the company has soared ad has little or no falls in the recent years. Intel has associates with various leading technological and computer firms of the world and hence is major part of nowadays vast virtual world. Products, services, release, and competition in today’s market has made a huge prospect for the online world.

If you wish to keep up with Intel’s additions to the market and find solutions to your problems being an Intel user and/or client then is the website for you. Here you can get all you need by questions and answers, expert advice, help guides and live help. If you already know have an experience with Intel products then join the community today and share your knowledge while learning more.
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