LINK.NET PAKISTAN FAQs & Live Support Pakistan is the recently established leading Internet Service and Solutions Provider in the country. Link Egypt and InTouch Communications merged to become in 2000 and in 2007 successfully acquired and merged two telecom companies in Pakistan to become Internet & Data Solution provider in Pakistan. Pakistan has regional offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Qatar, Algeria and in Islamabad, Pakistan. It offers Dedicated IP Internet Access through DSL, WiMAX, VSAT and Wireless (P2P) connection and its ISDN works as a dedicated digital connection. Pakistan has been offering effective Internet services and solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the country and the products packages are worth-speaking, as they offer quality services with linkage to the work of other internet service providers and their amazing web experiences. Some of their top products and services include business DSL, domain hosting, dedicated IP internet access, home DSL, high quality streaming media, dial-up connectivity, a 64kbps or 128kbps data link, ISDN connection, global connectivity, data network and VPNs.

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