Telecom industry is growing in Pakistan and it is one of the best revenue generated industries in Pakistan. With new mobile carrier service companies, such as Mobilink Pakistan, Ufone, Warid, Telenor etc, the competition is getting tough and as a result the consumers are getting various benefit on calls and sms while enjoying ISP and Internet Service, Ebilling facility, free balance, dial tunes codes, jobs, long calls, packages, coverage, SMS bundles, GPRS, web mail, GSM, GPRS, WAP, SMS, MMS, WSS, smart tune codes and many more while enjoying cheap call rates across the world.

Mobilink are the pioneers of introducing cellular networks in Pakistan. They have been covering almost every city of Pakistan and so, have established themselves as the major cellular company of Pakistan. Mobilink Pakistan recently started GPRS services with RS. 500/month of unlimited usage this is the treat for GRPS users and also introduced 3 friend and family number with a minimal call rates.

If you want to avail Mobilink Pakistan for as your mobile service provider but has no knowledge about the services offered by the company, you have come to the right place. You can ask queries and issues related with Mobilink and get answers on you problems related to web mail, GSM, GPRS, WAP, SMS, MMS, WSS, prepaid and postpaid services, coverage, bundles, GPRS, Ebill and International roaming facilities.

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