PTCL Pakistan is the fastest growing coverage network in the country, employing the latest technologies to the expanding network while making sure that customers stay connected with each other wherever they move anywhere in Pakistan. PTCL owns more than 20,000Km optical fiber (OFC) network connecting 1062 cities/towns in Pakistan and has been providing voice, data and video services to nationwide customers.

PTCL Pakistan has been offering its valued customers with services like PTCL broadband, PTCL directory, PTCL telephone directory Pakistan, wireless and DSL internet packages, jobs in PTCL Pakistan, and Physical IP POP(For IP Peering) & VPOP, Backhaul via V-Sat and DVBS2 for Voice and Data, IPLC, MPLS/VPN, Ethernet and IP transit, Int’l Voice Origination/Termination/Transit, ISDN, HCDS, ITFS and UIFN. PTCL supports both VoIP and TDM through its gateways and soft switches while offering Voice Product and Data product services. It also has terrestrial OFC connectivity with all the Operators in India and OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) and Digital Microwave connectivity with Afghan Operators. Ask the experts at for all sort of information regarding PTCL Pakistan and get the best results and solutions to your problems here.

If you’re looking for detailed information or some quick answers related to PTCL Pakistan that cover all aspects of communication, wireless, broadband, DSL, GRPS, Wi-Fi, Wireless, VWireless and other modes of internet and communication etc you are just one step away from all the solutions. Find out about them from the answered question section and get the best results for your PTCL Pakistan related problems.
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