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Shell is a major energy company, and one of the top private sector oil, gas and petrochemical companies around the world. With headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands, Shell operates in 90 plus countries across the world and has about 101,000 employees. Shell produces about 3.1 million barrels of gas and oil every day and has about 44,000 Shell service stations worldwide. The Shell petroleum company which is established in Pakistan is divided into 8 functional areas which include the Retail, Lubricants, Aviation, Operations, Finance, Corporate, Human Resource and Commercial Fuels.

Shell aims to meet the energy and power needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable for today and in the future. If measured b y revenue generation, Shell is the second-largest company in the world. If you seek information from online guides and experts about Shell industry and other issues related with the Shell company such as Job search, Shell Saver Card, Annual Report, Credit cards, Shell Eco-marathon, Shell and Ferrari Route planner, Shell Chemicals, Shell station locations across the world, Share Price and investors of the company, then is the best place to be. You can not only find answers to your question with us, but will also get enriched with the guidelines, tips, suggestions and advice from the experts across the world and other valued members who are helping out others with their queries.

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