The central bank of Pakistan was established in 1948, and headquartered in the financial capital of Pakistan. Being the economic hub of the Pakistani banking sector, SBP is playing a vital role. Its mission is very vocal on country’s financial stability, as it is running a dynamic currency system to facilitate all financial institutes and common public. In 1994 the bank was given full autonomy in the result of financial sector reforms act. SBP is governed by a Governor appointed by the federal government. The prime responsibility of the governor is to monitor the performance of the bank and to provide the excellent financial services to all citizens.

The prominent features of SBP are to make decisions related to monitory policy, issuing currency notes, prize bonds, liquidity regulation and helping Pakistan’s financial sector’s foster growth. From its Shariah Board to Micro Finance, Risk management to the Securitization Guidelines for the Pakistani banking sector, its serving on its best. All banks are accountable to SBP and report all financial matters on regular basis. SBP also releases the quarterly and yearly fiscal report which reflects the financial growth of Pakistan. Furthermore, regular alerts on inflation and overall financial activities are also notified by the central bank of Pakistan.

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