Wi-tribe is a Qtel Group company which launched its largest wireless broadband service in Pakistan in in July of 2009. Wi-tribe Pakistan was established in four major regions of the country; Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi with a plan to extend to other areas in the next phase. This telecommunication company is aimed at enhancing online access in emerging markets both for personal users and businesses and in creating an online community with benefits for all.

Wi-tribe Pakistan is a convenient consumer wireless broadband provider, Backed by unrivaled experience, knowledge and vision, the company also offers wireless or broadband internet on mobile, wimax, GPRS, WAP, internet speed tests, self-care support services, unlimited USB and DSL connection packages, engineering, LDI technology, VoIP, ISP and internet services, GRPS, Wi-Fi, and other modes of internet and communication to steer in a new era making broadband a lifestyle in Pakistan. If you want to find out more about Wi-tribe, you have come to the right place. Ask your queries, concerns and issues from experts and telecommunication specialists at Maybenow.com and get satisfactory answers.

You can also search relevant questions and answers on Wi-Tribe Pakistan products and packages, rates, broadband internet, wimax, Wireless and DSL connections, USB internet packages and other products and get instant help on all your Wi Tribe related problems. Get immediate answers to problems from already resolved questions and if none of the answers matches your query, post your issue right away and get answer from an online guide. Find a topic of your interest to communicate and assist other help seekers active on the website.
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