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Alexa is a California-based web information company which provides traffic metrics, search analytics, and detailed demographics of websites. It is a subsidiary company of and was founded in 1996 by Brewster and Bruce. Alexa is most popular for its toolbar and website traffic ranking system. The company's name was chosen after the Library of Alexandria, basically to draw a link between the largest repositories of knowledge in the ancient world to the potential of the Internet.

Alexa has advanced in the archiving of WebPages as they are crawled and its search index and web-crawling offer facilities to third party programs and users which are developed through a comprehensive set of web services and APIs. It has used the system of tracking information of users from its toolbar which is used in Internet Explorer and from integrated sidebars in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you want to know about Alexa and its toolbar and website traffic ranking systems, its database, about advertising, technology, management team, site tools, Hot Topics and hot products offered by Alexa and careers online, you have come to the best place on the internet. Online experts at not only provide answers you your queries but also guide you through the use of tools and services by Alexa.

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